Obituaries and Stories

  Mrs. Andrew (Katherina) Sautter, 1847-1932, Obit.     Richard Sautters 50th Anniversary
  John Sautter, 1872-1919, Obituary     J.J. Kremers 50th Anniversary
  Dorothea (Knoepfle) Sautter, 1873-1955 Obituary     J.J. Kremers 50th Anniversary Tribute
  Richard Sautter, 1893-1967, Obituary      
  Bertha (Sautter) Kremer, 1894-1988, Obituary     Art Sautter, 1906-1964, Obituary
  Esther (Sautter) Sahli, 1911-1991, Obituary     Emil Sautter, 1903-1961, Obituary
  Neil L. Sautter, 1926-1998, Obituary     John and Dorothea Sautter Snippets
  Harry L. Sautter, 1930-1985, Obituary      
  Leslie Kremer, 1917-1997, Obituary      
  Elsie (Godfrey) Sautter, Obituary     Poem by Eileen (Sautter) Besse
  Louella (Sautter) Tuttle, Obituary     Baby Delivery Costs in 1948
  Ronald R. Sautter, Obituary     Map of Linton, ND #1
  Walter Sautter, 1909-1990, Obituary     Map of Linton, ND #2
  Frances (Kremer) Chesrown, Obituary     German Recipes
  Eileen (Graf) Perkkio, Obituary     Campbell County, SD - Map
  Nyla (Graf) Dolzer, 1928-2004 Obituary     Artas, SD Area Map, Family Properties
  Ed "Eddie" Graf, 1922-1985, Obituary     North Dakota Fun Facts
  Alvina (Sautter) Graf, 1897-1976, Obituary     Sautter Family Guestbook, 2002-2005